Snapcata FAQ

How do I add a lens/filter to my Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook

On your device, navigate over to the lens page and click on lens you wish to obtain. Once in the lens you want click:

“Add this lens directly to my Instagram!” or

“Add this lens directly to my Facebook!”

“Add this lens directly to my Snapchat!”

and it will install automatically!

How come my lenses don't have sound?

Make sure that your ringer is on and your volume is fully up, If there is still no sounds, that particular lens may not have sound.

Can I make my own Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat lenses?

Yes you can! Go to this link: and search for a nice tutorial on Youtube. And for Snapchat go to

Who makes these awesome Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat lenses and filters?

The lenses we have on our site are not made by us! We are just a big library! All the credits go to their makers!